Guitars Sorted By Their Unique Characteristics

These categories divide our models by their unique features. The models listed below each section may have the listed feature as a standard configuration, or they may have that feature as an option. The standard setup of 6-strings is excluded from this list of categories, because it would simply duplicate the list of all of our models under a 6-string category. 

Classical Model Bridge

Nylon String
Distinctive Spanish/Classical sound, with a light build for tonal sensitivity and clarity. The following models are built with this feature.

12 String
Double the strings for a rich, natural chorus effect, built for ease of playability. The following models can be built with this option.

A 28" scale length, tuned one whole step down to D-Standard. These guitars feature a deep, rich voice, and are excellent for drop tunings. The following models are built with this feature.

12-Fret 25" Short Scale
The neck meets the body at the 12th fret and the bridge is positioned lower, producing a slightly sweeter, warmer tone. The Parlor model can be built with this as an option, it is the default configuration for the Traditional 000 and Long Dreadnought.

14-Fret 25" Short Scale
Similar to our standard 14 fret 25.5" scale models, but with a slightly shorter scale length for ease of fretting with smaller hands. The following models can be built with this option.