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Hello everyone, we just released our Official YouTube channel with brand new video content for your enjoyment. On our channel, you’ll find a short teaser build video, a long form video that follows the build through on a step by step and day to day process from start to finish, and a quick shop tour.

We have been interested in putting together a video tour of the shop for those of you who haven’t been able to visit us, and we hope it will also be informative for those of you who are simply looking into who we are. So that’s where this began, but it quickly turned into a larger project.

We decided that we had enough content to create a long form video tracking the build of a Goodall guitar from raw wood to final string up so that we could show you how we create these fine instruments for you. Some of you will just want to enjoy that content in short form, so we created a fast paced short version of that full build video as well.

We will be liking and subscribing to various artists and guitar shops in the future, so please subscribe to our channel so that you can see new content in the future.


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  1. Luke, the YouTube video is just simply wonderful. It really captures the artistry of your’s and James’ craftsmanship! Also, the voice over comments from both of you really provide great insight. Thank you so much!

  2. A fascinating description of the meticulous, ingenious craftsmanship required to achieve the excellence
    of the James Goodall guitars. Mesmerizing video.

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