Frequently Asked Questions / Why don’t my bridge pins fit correctly?

We try to find bridge pins of the same size so they should be close to each other, but there will always be some variance. Use the guide that follows to figure out which pins match which pin holes. In the future, we recommend keeping the pins in order as you remove them from their holes so that you can replace them with ease.

First take all the strings off (and all the bridge pins out) and put them in the holes until they fit best without the strings. Push evenly with a medium light pressure. You can tell that the pins are likely in the correct holes when they all seat at nearly the same height with even light pressure used to insert them. The low E string usually has a slightly larger string relief slot to accommodate the larger E string diameter, otherwise the low E pin can be prevented from going all the way down with the string in place.

If we send you a replacement pin, unfortunately we don’t know what the overall size is because they vary quite a bit.