Frequently Asked Questions / I’ve noticed a buzz, how should I go about locating it?

Some buzzes can be rather elusive. Most are caused from action that is just too low and or from a neck that is too straight (no forward relief). Open tunings (slack key) will also accentuate low action buzzes. You can find out more about action height adjustments on our Guitar Care page.

Even though the buzz may sound like it is in the bridge area it could be coming from somewhere completely different! It probably is not a loose brace, but if it is, the buzz will stop or diminish when touching the top or body in that specific spot.

Here’s what you should check first:

  • The pickup end pin jack can rattle/buzz if it is slightly loose.
  • The tuning machine nuts can cause a buzz is they are a bit loose.
  • The truss rod should be at least slightly tight against it’s seating slot. If it’s a bit loose, the washer can rattle/buzz.

If you and your repair person are unable to locate the buzz, and these tips have not helped, we recommend you might want to just move past fixating on it. Please resist the temptation to fuss over every slight string buzz. It is part of the package with an acoustic guitar. Some folks have literally fussed themselves into a state of mind that ruined their ability to enjoy their fine instrument. If you still feel certain that something is wrong even after checking out everything above, we will of course be glad to assist you so feel free to contact us.