Frequently Asked Questions / How do I install a new pickguard?


The clear pickguard can be removed easily if you start by carefully lifting the side near the end of the fretboard with a thin pick and peeling very, very slowly. A bit of paint thinner or naptha on a soft cloth or soft paper towel can be used to remove any remaining glue residue. Don’t rub too hard or the finish will scratch.



With a soft cloth remove all polish and wax in the area the pickguard is to be installed. Use a small amount of paint thinner or Naphtha for this process. Make sure the area is completely dry and completely dust free and do not let dust get under the surface of the pick guard when installing. You only get one shot at the installation and wax, dust, fingerprints or misalignment will ruin the pickguard installation.

Before removing the release paper backing, pre-determine the correct placement of the new pickguard by aligning it with the strings and the grain of the top visually/aesthetically. The inside radius of the pickguard must be carefully aligned with the outside of the large rosette ring. Place a couple of pieces of temporary masking tape to show where the final placement should be.

Remove the paper backing from the pickguard. Be very careful not touch the adhesive side with anything but smooth release paper. Place two small release paper tabs back on each end of the pickguard. By doing this it will enable you to grab and align the pick guard with the designated location marked by the masking tape. The placement has to be perfect BEFORE you adhere the pickguard to the guitar. While holding the release paper tabs, align the pick guard placement, and let it sag slightly in the center to begin the application. Start adhesion from the center only. Be sure to leave the release paper tabs on until the pickguard is applied and smoothed to within about 1/2″ from the tabs then remove the tabs by pulling directly away from each of the pickguard. This helps prevent bubbles from being trapped during application. Rub across the narrow part of the pickguard with your thumb in both the left and right direction. Go SLOWLY. If a bubble starts, stop rubbing and let it set for five minutes then repeat the application process applying pressure slowly in both directions with your thumb.

When the pick guard has been applied, take the release paper, which was removed from the pickguard back and align it perfectly over the new pickguard. With a medium guitar pick rub through the paper over the pickguard to secure it in place and to remove any remaining tiny air bubbles not removed by the thumb rubbing. Be careful when doing this process not to rub too hard on the extreme edge of the pickguard or go off the edge of the pickguard and dent the top.