Frequently Asked Questions / What are the warranty conditions on a Goodall Guitar?

Your Goodall Guitar has a five year warranty on materials and workmanship from the date of purchase. If the instrument has been damaged or cracked from improper care and/or abused, such as overly dry humidity (less than 35%) or overheating, we reserve the right to charge some for repairs. If the instrument is damaged from rough handling or accidental damage such as being dropped or from shipping damage, we will charge accordingly. Normal fret, fretboard, nut, saddle and case wear are not covered under our warranty.

We do like to take care of our first owner customers. After five years, if the instrument has been properly cared for, we will extend the warranty at our discretion. If a warranty issue arises a guitar can be returned to us with a return authorization. The instrument needs to be sent to us at the owners’ expense. Goodall Guitars is responsible for return shipping for warranty repairs only.

A skilled local repair-person should see your instrument occasionally, especially after the first few months. This is to make sure the action adjustment is proper for you and that the action isn’t left too high causing extra stress on you and the instrument. This is at your expense but the expense is very minimal. The store you purchased the instrument from will do this at no expense but this is not always possible.

The warranty in not transferable, but as a rule we don’t have problems with our instruments unless they are not cared for in regards to humidity, heat or accidents.