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Hello, and welcome to the updated Goodall Guitars web presence. As you can see we have added new photography for every relevant area of our craft, and we hope that the new design reflects our aim for excellence in all areas of life. Our goal with this site is to help you understand our broad range of models, series, playing categories, and options that we offer; as well as providing modern tools for you to find the guitar of your dreams, and get support and advice regarding the care of your instrument.

Goodall Guitars now has details for our Classical model, which has been well received by our customers but had not been previously featured on our web site. Unique detail shots and specifications can be found on each and every model page to help you decide which Goodall Guitar is right for you. We have also refreshed our branding to reflect the family orientation of our operation.

Thank you for visiting us, we appreciate your interest and hope to serve you effectively with this new web presence.

– James, Jean, & Luke Goodall

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  1. Greetings,

    I just wanted to say hello, and an announcement: On Monday Feb 15, 2016 at 2:30pm Pacific Time, at Dusty Strings in Fremont, WA (which is the epicenter of the known world), a 2004 James Goodall RGCC (#3747) became a part of my family.

    I had no plans whatsoever to buy a new instrument at this time, but I fell head over heals in love and had to take the plunge. This is without doubt the finest sounding flat top guitar I have ever played. But before purchasing it, I had the Dusty Strings people pull every guitar they had off the wall and let me play them. The only other comparable instruments, to my ear, were the four new Goodalls they had on display.

    It’s the most expensive instrument I’ve ever bought, but it was one of the easiest purchases I’ve ever made. It was a bargain that I could not pass up, and I expect it to stay in my family for generations to come.

    Many thanks!


  2. I have been playing steel string guitar for about 30 years and have played every brand known to man. One day I decided to order a Goodall Traditional 000 with a Cocobolo and German Spruce. The best tone I have ever heard. Two weeks later I bought a Grand Concert Koa/Western Red Cedar and again a knockout. Goodall guitars are beautiful, articulate, loud, balanced, sustain, extremely responsive, and INSPIRING! I am selling all my guitars and keeping the two Goodalls for the rest of my life. The search is really over. Tht best part is that they are handmade and not mass produced by several people, they are works of art.

  3. These comments are so reflective of my experiences while sharing the joy of Goodall Guitars at Buffalo Bros. Guitars where I found out that the best way to sell a customer a Goodall was just to hand it to them. They speak very eloquently for themselves.

    I am very stoked with my AAAA Koa Concert Jumbo with a Red Cedar top that I picked out of over 200 Goodalls we had in stock over the course of six months.

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